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Wes Anderson has always been my favorite film maker.

From his insanely imaginative creative direction, to his elaborately made sets, to his incredibly unique way of story telling--he is definitely someone that I've looked up to ever since.

Picked a few of his films and turned them into notebook covers.

Avoiding the rut by some logo design practice.

This is a personal project and I am not, in any way, directly associated with Cuts Against Cancer - Manila

It is simply a cause that I advocate dearly

You can refer to Cuts Against Cancer - Manila's Official Facebook Page for more information on the cause:


Canva is an online design application that makes graphic design simple and accessible. Here are a few ones I have designed for the platform.

Everybody loves a good romantic film. Unfortunately, sometimes, the story takes certain turns and ends up being tragic.

Here are a few movies that represent the heartache that comes along with falling in love.

Collected a few of my favorite quotes and turned them into digital art.

Pretty amazing how words from someone else can provide you with epiphanies and new perspectives.

Combining life and letters with this project.

Was hired to create a set of postcards as an anniversary gift for a client's spouse.
The postcards show 25 things the client loves about his wife, representing their 25 years of marriage.
Here are a some of my favorites.

Played around and created artworks featuring food-in-film moments.

Picked out random scenes in each movie and merged it with the famous dishes in it.

Featured Matilda’s library scene with Bruce Bogtrotter’s chocolate cake-eating scene, When Harry Met Sally's "I'll have what she's having" scene featuring the Katz's Deli turkey sandwich, and The Grand Budapest Hotel’s Zero pushing a hotel trolley of Mendl’s Courtesan au Chocolat.

One day, I decided to give coffee painting a try upon seeing works by Filipino artist, Sunshine Plata.

Initially made a painting of Fight Club's split-personality protagonist, and eventually, the project grew to having an overall theme of my favorite film pairings.

It's been a while since I have been engrossed in a TV series, but in span of two days, I did nothing but obsess over Stranger Things.

From the 80s aesthetic, to the amazing casting of characters, to the pitch-perfect musical score--everything about it was spot on.

Made quick illustrations of each episode as an appreciation post to the Duffer Brothers masterpiece.